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“I was sitting at home in Atlanta—and I’m not saying 808s & Heartbreaks was my idea—but I was practicing a branding experiment. So I grew out my beard and started wearing old sunglasses all the time and I grew my hair out. Kanye would be like ‘Yo, what are you doing?’ and I’d say ‘Cocaine 80s.’ This is where the group Cocaine 80s derived from—it was a lifestyle.”

"Cocaine 80s was my concept, but Kanye dove deep into it himself. It wasn’t ‘Hey, I want to take this style,’ it was more ‘Can I make this work?’ It definitely had its moment though. People started growing beards and making a certain type of music during that era. And the group [Cocaine 80s] is still around now, and I have a lot planned for it.” - No I.D.

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Blue whale.

Innumerable quotables.

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 1937 Eritrea, Asmara

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Casa Zampini - 1925

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